When God created Mothers….

No idea where I discovered this lovely little story but I like it. Hope you do too.
God was creating mothers, and on His 6th day of overtime a puzzled angel, who had been watching the proceedings, came up to Him. ‘You’ve spent a lot of time on this one, Lord. Any reason why?’
God gave a sigh. ‘Have you seen the specification for the order? She’s to have 18,000 moving parts, run on black coffee, have a kiss that cures everything from broken legs to disappointing love affairs, and on top of that she’s to have six pairs of hands.’
The angel blew softly through his lips. ‘No way!’
‘But the challenging bit,’ God continued warming to His theme. ‘Is that she needs eyes in the back of her head and equally important, have eyes that can look at a child who has messed up and say with compassion, ‘I love you anyway.’
The angel shook his head. ‘If you ask me Lord, You need a break.’
‘No way,’ God said. ‘I’m very close to creating something so like myself that I can’t stop now. Already she can heal herself when she’s sick, feed a family on a pound of mince and get a nine-year-old to stand under a shower.’
‘Wow! Good work, Lord!’ the angel responded. He reached out and touched her. ‘She’s so soft.’
‘But tough,’ God answered. ‘You can’t imagine what this mother can endure.’
‘Can it think?’ the angel asked.
‘Not only think, but it can reason and compromise,’ God answered.
Running a finger down the mother’s cheek the angel said, ‘Ah! It’s got a leak.’
‘That’s not a leak,’ God said. ‘It’s a tear.’
‘What for?’ asked the angel.
‘It’s for joy, sadness, paid, disappointment, loneliness and pride.’
The angel clapped his hands. ‘Lord, You’re a genius!’


But don’t forget to give a thought for those disappointed in not having the mother that was intended for them; for those sad at missing out on the role of motherhood altogether, for those feeling the pain of a broken relationship with their mother, and for those mothers who feel the loneliness of not having their families around them on this day dedicated to them.