Pancake Day

It’s that time of year when I’m excitedly scanning the hedgerows and bushes for signs of bright new green buds; delighted when I see the first yellow daffodils emerge, and wondering when I can stop taking vitamin D and rely on the sun.

However, I was so engrossed in seeking out new buds, daffs and pondering on my vitamin D that I completely forgot about Pancake Day.  Shouldn’t we, as writers, be more aware of the historical meaning of these special days and include them in our work to inform, teach and make our writing more interesting?

Shrove Tuesday. According to Christian tradition, that’s when I should have been using up my leftover eggs, milk, fat and sugar before the start of Lent. That’s when I should have been focussed on eating simpler foods; giving up something I love, and spending time in self-examination and repentance instead of sticking my head in hedgerows, talking to daffs and counting my vitamin D pills.

Do you think God would mind if I had my pancakes after Easter?

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