I only went out for a bunch of bananas!

Pickering High Street was packed, and it wasn’t just with market traders or holiday-makers. Sight-seers were leaning out of hotel windows,  Union Jacks were fluttering; the bells in the old Anglican church were ringing out; traffic was forbidden – but then it always is on market day and there were more policemen controlling the crowds than at Wembley Stadium.

And then the cheers started; kids waved their flags; dogs wagged their tails; and everyone wore a broad grin as King Charles, waving and smiling, walked up our High Street. The atmosphere was absolutely wonderful.

It occurred to me as I walked home, that whether you’re a monarchist or not, there was some good material for a story in that experience, because any occasion that can bring smiles to faces must be a good thing, mustn’t it?

And to think – I only went out for a bunch of bananas!

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