If the shoe fits….

There’s this wonderful little shoe shop in the market town where I live. The out of the ordinary styles and colours really appeal to me.
I was trying on an unusual pair of sandals yesterday, wriggling my toes to see if they pinched, and walking across the floor and back again to see if they were comfortable. I was staring down at my pink toenails peeping through and planning what summer dresses would go with them – the shoes I mean, not my toenails, when it occurred to me that starting a new writing project is like trying on new shoes. If the plot excites, the characters have colour, the research interests you, well … if the shoe fits – wear it.
Of course, the reality is they’ll pinch a bit; new shoes always do, but writing is exactly the same – at least marketing is for me. Finding my way around unfamiliar technology and especially starting up my first newsletter; that’s an uncomfortable business. Will anyone sign up? But then not every aspect of writing is comfortable. However, if you’re passionate about writing – get on with it!
So I did… I stuck my credit card in the machine and walked out of that charming little shop with my lovely new shoes – broke – but happy.