Just an ordinary copper

Just an ordinary copper.
Whenever we lose someone we love, after the initial grief the memories come flooding in. The trouble is, not many of us have actually met the Queen. Perhaps some of us remember her car flashing by as we stood and waved a flag, but I bet you she was looking out of the opposite window at the time. That was my memory of her. But I have another, totally different memory.
My brother Bill, a young policeman at the time told me told me he had spent the entire day guarding the Queen.
‘I’ve heard of some excuses to get out of the washing up, but that’s the stupidest one yet!’ I complained and flung the tea towel at him.
My warning is – be careful who you call stupid, because the following day my brother’s photo appeared in the press – guarding Her Majesty the Queen.
It’s amazing how you can make a story out of the simplest memories, isn’t it?