The Senator’s Sons

Rome: 54 AD:

This third and last book in the series is another tense historical thriller, which weaves fact with fiction, and reflects on the daily power games in Rome when, after Claudius is poisoned, Nero claims the Empire of Rome, and Senator Vivius Marcianus realises this is not a good time to have a Jew or a Christian in his family.

I found it amazing how the research into all three books deepened my understanding of the difficulties facing Jews and Christians. It also brought colour, light and understanding into scriptural passages, and enabled me to see how the wider picture in Rome, had consequences in Jerusalem.

I thought it a strange way for my faith to grow and to deepen, but it has.

Each book stands alone.

It’s 2023. HAPPY NEW YEAR1

Can you name something good that happened to you in 2022?
Because remembering the good raises your spirits, lifts your stature, brings a smile to your face and gives you a positive outlook on life – after all, who wants to see a grumpy face?
Let me give you an example. I spent a good part of last year bemoaning the fact that I’m rubbish at technology. Marketing my books on social media was no fun; I was no good at it; I didn’t understand it. In fact, my computer was beginning to lack confidence in its own abilities at the degrading names I yelled at it. However, at the end of last year, I read:
Matthew 19:26: ‘With God all things are possible.’
I know this scripture well, but this time I found myself absorbing it instead of just letting it sail over my head.
So, after much prayer, I eliminated self-doubt at my lack of skills; I eliminated negative self-talk, and I began to think ‘positively’ regarding technology and trusted God for success. Added to that, as Proverbs tells us the tongue can bring life of death, I began to talk kindly to my computer, and as it was delighted at not being yelled at any more it responded by throwing up relevant web sites to help me on my way.
Now I’m still no genius, but this year, 2023, me and my computer are much happier, we have a better relationship, and I’m well on my way to succeeding where once I failed.

The Senator’s Sons – the last in the Senator series – published October 2022