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The Senator’s Assignment

Being trusted by a Caesar makes him an enemy of the Roman who crucified Jesus Christ, and puts him under threat from Rome itself… Rome 30 AD. A Senator is plunged into the dark heart of the Roman Empire, sent to investigate the corrupt practices of Pontius Pilate in Jerusalem by Caesar Tiberius. In this tense historical thriller can Senator Vivius Marcianus outmanoeuvre charges of treason, devastating secrets resurfaced from his own troubled past, and the political snake pit of Rome to save himself and the woman he loves?

The Senator’s Assignment  :

The Senator’s Darkest Days

40AD and despite the threat of bloodshed, Senator Vivius Marcianus travels to Jerusalem to investigate the delay in erecting the Emperor’s statue in the temple. Failure is not an option. When Vivius is wounded and imprisoned, it is left to Dorio to rescue his heavily pregnant sister and her children and set about proving Vivius’s innocence. The thrilling sequel to The Senator’s Assignment

The Senator’s Darkest Days:

Tears in the Dark: A Journey of Hope

Another story of a youngster put into institutional care for a reason far beyond their control. Every one is heartrending as they tell of the emotional roller coaster of their growing up, their adolescence and their difficult transition into adulthood. Mark Edwards story is also inspirational. He tells how he became a Christian, met and married Lesley, had children and was ordained into the Church of England. Those few words only touch on the story told here. I read it at just over one sitting – I fell asleep and had to finish it in the morning. As Cliff Richard says, ‘an amazing and powerful story’.

Tears in the Dark

The Shop on Pilgrim Street

The true and moving story of a small Christian bookshop which opened its doors in 1864. The traumas of the staff and the people who lived in the area create an enthralling story of the shop on Pilgrim street and the area of Newcastle upon Tyne. (Copies from Amazon or the author)

The Shop on Pilgrim Street :

Thy Will Be Done … Eventually!

From the back streets of Aberdeen to the jungles of Malaya, through sickness, rejection and unemployment to social work, Jesus and the Methodist ministry. The Reverend Alex Annand, a Methodist Superintendent Minister in Gateshead, brings to life characters and events with humour and honesty. sb noss