How to be an over-comer.

Yeh! What a thrill to have my book launched!  Actually, I’m not sure where John Hunt Publishing have launched it to as the shops are all closed, or who they’ve launched it at, as everyone’s in lock-down, but at least it’s out there – somewhere – and they’ve even got it in e-book.  

Of course, the title, ‘The Senator’s Darkest Days’ is uncannily topical for the current situation. But in fairness, there wasn’t a hint of a virus when I wrote it.  However, on the positive side, it is relevant to what’s happening today. One of my main characters, Dorio, a young disabled decurion who spends more time drinking, messing up and failing in life than doing anything positive or memorable, is faced with a terrifying situation. Can he turn the tide and make good, not just for himself but for those around him?

This historical thriller is well researched and a real page turner,’ said one of my reviews. Yeh! (again)

Yes, I confess, this is a plug for my book. I had to do something, didn’t I?  But in fact, it’s more than that. “A real page turner” suggests the reader is engrossed and that’s exactly what we need at this present time.  Something to engross us, something to take our minds off the present state of affairs, for a while at any rate. Something to transport us into a world where coronavirus is non-existent, and characters have other obstacles to overcome – and they do.  So, you’re not a historical thriller fan? That’s fine.  I’m not offended. There’s nothing wrong with a chic-lit or a Jack Reacher or a Jane Austen.  Whatever makes you feel good and engrosses you. That’s the secret to easing tension, lifting depression and chasing away those fears.  Go on!  Spoil yourself. Be an ‘over-comer’ like the character in my book.