Little Me!

This photo made me think!

It’s quite a thrill to visit the places you’ve written about. That’s what I did when I visited Italy. My trilogy took place in Rome 30-45  In all three books, ‘The Senator’s Assignment’ ;The Senator’s Darkest Days’ and ‘The Senator’s Sons,’ I did my research thoroughly then immersed myself in the cruel Caesars, and the corrupt political atmosphere of the time and how it affected my plot and my characters. I lost myself in descriptions of markets, houses and the dress of the day, and totally fell in love with my protagonist – but that’s another story – and got great reviews. But one thing I didn’t capture was the vastness of the Roman Empire. They were so keen to build bigger and better, to conquer the world and spread their influence and get rich, that perhaps they forgot the little man and woman in the street.

Perhaps it’s the little man and woman, who, in their quiet, unassuming service to others, who are the real builders of empires. It reminded me of a song I sang in Sunday School:

Jesus bids us shine with a pure clear light.  Like a little candle burning in the night.

In this world of darkness, we must shine.  ‘You in your small corner – and me in mine!

What an empire we could build. What do you think?


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