Long forgotten memories

We were in the process of clearing out the loft in preparation for our house move when Colin gave a cry of delight. ‘Look what I’ve found!’ The item in question was a toy Dinky car – a faded green jaguar – rusted with age, with one wheel missing, a broken windscreen and a dead wasp sitting in the driving seat. Ugh!

Much to Colin’s – not the wasps – disgust I threw it in the ‘discard’ pile.

‘You can’t do that, Colin protested, and, reluctantly, I had to agree with him. We shall definitely be throwing out the picture we can’t stand but kept in case the person who gave it to us called unexpectedly, but we can’t possibly throw out Colin’s happy childhood memories of stretching out on the rug creating a traffic jam of cars. Or in fact, the memory now being formed of him nostalgically running his three wheeled jaguar – with wasp – down the rafters leaving me to get on with the packing.

Memories! We have so many of them. What a store of colour to add to our writing.

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