The wedding anniversary

Today, 16th October, is my wedding anniversary. Brilliant! I’ve been married for over 50 years – a child bride of course. We had a grand celebration when it was our 50th wedding anniversary. We spent the day with our children and their families by having a four course meal, with champagne, on the slow moving steam train from Goathland to Pickering, in North Yorkshire.  The scenery, the food, and the company was magnificent. Later in the day, we all made our way to the lovely stone house home in Thornton-le-Dale of one of our daughters for a surprise tea – although in actual fact, we all knew about it.  But the specially made cake from York was a surprise.  What a day! One to remember.

Will this anniversary, a couple of years later be equally as memorable? Oh I think so. We’re up early as we have to face the rush hour traffic into Newcastle as Colin has a hospital appointment. Nothing serious, just a regular check up but it’s a 50 minute drive from Hexham and he hates hospitals. So, that means our celebratory meal out will probably be in the hospital canteen. We’re also up at the crack of dawn as we have the builders arriving. They’re in the process of erecting an en-suite in our bedroom which, as I sit in my bed writing this,  is looking a bit like a bomb site. Our existing wardrobes have been taken down and the clothes, blankets, towels, old wedding hats and spare duvets are being stored … well … mainly on the floor alongside the new toilet, a few bricks and a new door. We’ll also be without water and heating today as the plumber is doing his bit, which is a bit of a nuisance as it’s damp and chilly out there.

But hey! What is it they say about variety being the spice of life?  ‘Happy anniversary!’

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